Why Teach?

This image depicts a teacher hugging her student..

Ask teachers why they chose the teaching profession and you’re guaranteed to receive two things: a smile and a story. The pathways teachers took to the classroom are unique, but these stories will often include common elements such as outstanding former teachers that inspired, a dedication to making a difference in the community through public service, and a commitment to improving and impacting the lives of children.

What will be your story?

This graphic depicts 5 reasons to become a teacher: 
1. Teachers have incentives for continuing their own education.
2. There is always going to be a workforce demand for great teachers. 
3. Teachers have the opportunity to positively impact the future leaders of their community, state and country.
4. Teaching provides a workplace that is never dull, where no two days are exactly alike. 
5. Teachers can use learning experiences as outlets for creativity and exploration of interest.