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Your Pathway to Teaching

Education Major

Students standing together

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession. As with all careers there will be highs and lows, but when those lows come, it helps to remember not every job can change a life.

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child ‘get it’! Kids don’t remember their favorite test, policy, or bad day. Students remember teachers and moments you create with their peers. No other profession has the power to change the world like education.”
Noraa Ransey, Kentucky Teacher and GoTeachKY Ambassador

Below you will find links that will help you navigate the path from where you are now to your teacher certification.

Undergraduate Pathway Form

Career Changer

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Looking for a change? Whether you’ve been a laborer, office professional, soldier, or chef, in Kentucky, we have several alternative pathways to certification.

“A person should consider teaching as a profession because the next generation of students need us to educate them to be productive citizens of a democratic society. In spite of all the difficulties, teaching is worth it to me. I persevere in spite of the challenges because our next generation leaders need us.”
Theresa McDavid – Dobbins, Kentucky Teacher and GoTeachKY Ambassador

Below you will find a link to a from that can provide you help with determining the best path for you.

Alternative Pathway to Certification Form