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Allison Stacy

Allison Stacy

School: Turkeyfoot Middle School, Kenton County
Grade/Subject:: Spanish
Years of Experience: 9

I became a teacher because I believed it was the best way for me to share my gifts in a positive way with others. Not only do I know a second language and share this gift, but I love being a healthy and active lifestyle role model. I enjoy coaching different sports and getting to know students on lunch duty that I don’t even have in class. Yes, I see myself as a Spanish teacher, but I also see myself as hopefully a positive influence on the students that I interact with at my school. I enjoy bringing fun back into the classroom as much as possible and offering different opportunities for my students to showcase their own personal gifts through competitions, creativity, and deep thinking.

I love teaching students a new language for the first time; most of my students start Spanish at the middle school level. I love to see students shine in this subject area, and challenging my students who most subjects come easily to. There is so much flexibility in what I can teach and how, the lessons are always tailored to the class and students within.

I am a mom to 2 young boys and I love to run and workout. You will find me running right after school, at a workout class, or hiking and camping with my family.

If I could have a superpower, it would be that I could snap my fingers ( a nervous tic of mine anyway) and my kids’ toys would clean themselves up, every day. This has nothing to do with teaching, but mom life is hard and moms are already superheroes (in my opinion).

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