Alternative Pathways

Many people struggle with finding a job or are unfulfilled in their current career. If you are considering a career change and want to empower and inspire generations – one student at a time – Kentucky has alternative pathways in place so you can use your professional knowledge in a classroom.

Unsure which option is best for you? Complete this form to determine which pathway you should explore or contact the Office of Educator Licensure and Effectiveness at (502) 564-1479 for more information.

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Option 1

Option 1:  Exceptional Work Experience

An individual who has exceptional work experience and has been offered employment in a local school district shall receive a one year provisional certificate with approval by the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB).

Option 2

Option 2: Local District Training Program

A local school district or group of school districts may seek approval for a training program. The state-approved local school district training program is an alternative to the college teacher preparation program as a means of acquiring teacher certification for a teacher at any grade level. The training program may be offered for all teaching certificates approved by the Education Professional Standards Board, including interdisciplinary early childhood education, except for specific certificates for teachers of exceptional children.

There are no current Option 2 programs approved by the EPSB.

Option 3

Option 3:  College Faculty

Candidates who possess the following qualifications may receive a one year provisional certificate for teaching at any level:

  • A master’s degree or doctoral degree in the academic content area for which certification is sought;
  • A minimum of five years of full-time teaching experience, or its equivalent, in the academic content area for which certification is sought in a regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher education; and
  • An offer of employment in a school district which has been approved by the EPSB.
Option 4

Option 4:  Adjunct Instructor (P-12)

The Adjunct Instructor Certification does not lead to professional certification in Kentucky. However, it does allow those who have expertise and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a major or minor in an academic content area and meet other qualifications to teach part-time on a contract basis. 

Option 5

Option 5:  Armed Forces Veterans

A pathway to certification for military veterans with an honorable discharge or a member of the National Guard or Army Reserves with at least six years of eligible military service who have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an academic content area or meet PRAXIS requirements and a GPA of at least 2.75.

For more information about this option, please contact Norma Andrade at norma.andrade@education.ky.gov.

Option 6

Option 6:  University-Based Alternative Route

This pathway is for individuals who hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a non-teaching major who are interested in attaining initial teacher certification; meet university admission requirements and have a GPA of at least 2.75.

Option 7

Option 7:  Institute Alternative Route

In this option, candidates complete training through an approved institute that addresses multiple research-based teaching strategies and practices. Candidates with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an academic content area, 2.75 GPA, a passing score on the GRE or Core Academic Skills for Educators assessment, and a passing score on the Praxis II academic content assessment in the area in which certification is being sought may be eligible for this pathway. The EPSB has approved two Option 7 programs: The CKEC Teacher Certification Institute (contact Maurice Chappell) and the Nelson County Schools New Teacher Institute (contact Karen Lee).

Option 8

Option 8:  Teach For America (TFA)

A national nonprofit organization that recruits, trains and supports outstanding recent college graduates for career placement in participating school districts within the Appalachian Region of Kentucky