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Why Teach?

Ask teachers why they chose the teaching profession and you’re guaranteed to receive two things: a smile and a story. The pathways teachers took to the classroom are unique, but these stories will often include common elements such as outstanding former teachers that inspired them, a dedication to making a difference in the community through public service, and a commitment to improving and impacting the lives of children.

‘Kentucky Education Commissioner Jason E. Glass wrote an op-ed about how teachers have the power to change lives.

Teaching is never boring, because each class period is different than the last.
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Being a teacher is a great way to share your love of a specific subject area.
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Arrow image with text, "Find about about the predicted growth in different segments of the teaching field.
Demand for teachers is already high and continues to rise.
Becoming a teacher allows you to impact the future by creating opportunities for your students to learn and lead.
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