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Amanda Klare

Amanda Klare

School: Beechwood Elementary, Beechwood Independent
Grade/Subject: Literacy
Years of Experience: 13

Amanda is a National Board Certified Teacher!

When my dad grew up, he struggled academically. He always talked about the teachers who made a difference in his life: the teachers who made alternate assignments, stayed after school, and made sure my dad felt successful. I knew that I wanted to be that type of teacher for other kids like my dad one day.

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is getting to know my students as people. I get to do this through classroom activities, sharing grateful journals, having discussions when they come in the morning, or simply walking with a student at recess. Students love when a teacher follows up to ask about a cross country meet or an academic team meet; students work hard for teachers who care about their personal lives.

Running is a big part of my life. I am a big advocate for teachers to practice self-care; running is my choice for self-care for myself. I also get the opportunity to share my love of running with 5th-grade students at my school since I am the head coach for Girls on the Run.

Out of all superpowers, I think teleportation would come in handy as a teacher. I would be able to travel to see the world and take my students with me. It would give me the ability to allow my students to experience other cultures and to make the world travelers (literally).

Follow Amanda on Twitter: @klarebeechwood.