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Bridget Powell

Photo of ambassador Bridget Powell

Where do you teach? Central Elementary

What subject(s) and/or grade(s) do you teach? English Language Arts Fifth Grade

How long have you been teaching? I have been teaching 24 years.

Why did you become a teacher? I love learning new things and connecting with students. Teaching gives me that opportunity.

What has been the best part of teaching that you didn’t expect when entering the profession? I feel like there are many “best parts” to teaching…however, if I had to just pick one, I would go with the connections made with my students. I love making connentions with my students, many of which last a lifetime. It is so fullfilling to see my former students grow up and to know I made a difference in their lives.

What is one thing you wish non-teachers knew about what you do? I wish non-teachers knew how rewarding the profession of teaching really is. It is truly amazing to have such an influence on the future generations of tomorrow.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as a teacher? I feel like my greatest accomplishment as a teacher is knowing I have given my all to teach kids to be good writers. Whether a student is headed for trade school, the work force, or to college, being able to write effectively is a must. So therefore, my greatest accompolishment is preparing students for their future.

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t teaching? I love to travel and spent time with my family.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would love to travel to Tikehau Island, Tahiti.

What are your social media handles? Facebook/ Bridget Russell Powell, Instagram/ southern_bridge, Twitter/ @powell_bridget, Linkedin/ Bridget Powell