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Bruce Blanton

Bruce Blanton

School: Shelby County High School, Shelby County
Grade/Subject: 9th-11th ECE
Years of Experience: 27

I became a teacher because I was told that I was a natural born leader as a high school student athlete. I wanted to coach and teach and be a difference maker like my teachers and coaches were for me, inspiring others to be greater than they ever thought they could be and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. This is why I chose to be an educator in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

My favorite thing about being a teacher is the opportunity to develop relationships with students and having opportunities to motivate and shape them into great and productive members of our communities.

When I am not teaching I enjoy my time with family, doing things with my wife, daughters and granddaughter. I love tractor time and time with our cattle on our “Little Ponderosa.” I also enjoy doing a little fishing.

My superpower name would be Captain Motivator and my motto would be “Stomping out apathy and replacing it with motivational energy; able to shape, mold and discipline in a single bound, push the best to infinity and beyond, and strive to influence the bottom of the pack to believe they can do it!! Yes, we can!!” And those average Jenny and Joes- I want to encourage them that they can be the next Captain Motivator with hard work, dedication, discipline, and a burning desire to Be a servant leader and make a difference.

Follow Bruce on Twitter: @BruceBlanton3.