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Christine Meisberger

Christine Meisberger

School: Scott County Middle School, Scott County
Grade/Subject: 6th Grade Social Studies
Years of Experience: 15

I teach because I can be a positive influence for our future adults. I teach to foster the skills needed by my students to succeed, to determine how to grow, to know what it takes to be a changemaker, and to choose to persist. I teach so that as adults, when they reflect on their school years, they remember there were many of us teachers in their corners – rooting for them the whole way.

I like knowing that my students always have an advocate in me; I’m on their side and want the best for them. I suppose the favorite thing about being a teacher, then is seeing the look in their eyes when they realize what I’m telling them is the truth.

When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me hanging out with my family, walking in the woods, hunting for mushrooms, tending to my flock of laying chickens and taking pictures of the Meisberger Bois (my three dogs and three cats- all boys).

Last year, I wanted to be able to fly. This year I want the power to make humongous protective bubbles around places and people of interest. Maybe just having the ability to make one big ‘ol Kentucky shaped protective bubble would suffice…then I could still fly, too.

Follow Christine on Twitter at @TeachinkyS.