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Dr. Jennifer Emberton

Dr. Jennifer Emberton

School: Allen County- Scottsville High School
Grades/Subject: Library and Computer Science (Co-teach)
Years of Experience: 9

My oldest son was born with a sensorineural bilateral hearing loss. Once he started school, he struggled and I didn’t fully understand the IEP process. To help him, I left my career and returned to school to be a teacher. Not many from my socioeconomic background go into this field, so I was nervous, but determined to help my son. Since becoming a teacher, my focus went from helping my child to helping all students. Each child deserves the skills to be successful citizens no matter their background.

My favorite part of being a teacher is the students!

Mobile gaming is a must for me when I’m relaxing at home with my family. We all get on and play together! Also, I love creating new things with Google tools that help others.

My superpower would be electrical powers. This would allow me to create and manipulate technology for learning whenever needed.

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