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Dr. Jennifer Scarbrough

School: Seven Hills Preschool, Owensboro Public Schools
Grade/Subject: Preschool
Years of Experience: 20

Why teach? Children are such a miracle. Being able to watch their growth and development is amazing and knowing I had a part in that is achievement I cherish deeply. In Preschool, we lay a foundation of learning that builds their entire life. Children come to us for their first school experience, setting the standard for a lifetime love of learning.

Being a child’s first teacher, we are able to teach the children, and often the parents, that school is a wonderful, safe, and fun experience.

When I’m not at school, you’ll find me shopping for my classroom and planning fun things to do with my students.

If I had a super power, I would love to fly. I love seeing different perspectives and learning other ways to live.

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