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Heather Carden

Photo of ambassador Heather Carden

Where do you teach? Freedom Elementary

What subject(s) and/or grade(s) do you teach? Intervention and PBIS Coach

How long have you been teaching? 15 years

Why did you become a teacher? I became a teacher to make the same difference in student’s lives that other teachers made in mine.

What has been the best part of teaching that you didn’t expect when entering the profession? Relationship. Hands down, the relationships. Kids are the coolest people on the planet! They love hard, shoot ya straight, and are balls of fun! Once a kiddo is in my class and we make that connection, they are a “Carden kid” for life! I’ve been to more former students’ weddings, baby showers, baptisms, and family functions than I could ever count!

What is one thing you wish non-teachers knew about what you do? It’s the most rewarding thing you will ever do in life next to being a parent of your own children. It’s the most feel good work that leaves you exhausted but wanting more!

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as a teacher? My greatest accomplishment as a teacher is inspiring former students to become teachers themselves because of the love, attention, and positive influence I had on their lives. I spent this past summer helping two of my former students get thier classrooms ready and preparing for the first day of school because in their words… “Ms. Carden, they don’t teach you that in college!”

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t teaching? My favorite non teacher activities are traveling, shopping, day trips, eating new foods, being outdoors, and trying out anything new!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Alaska! I love to fish and have always wanted to go ice fishing and see polar bears in their natural habitat!

What are your social media handles? N/A