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Joshua Scherrer

Joshua Scherrer

School: Heritage Park High School, Daviess County
Grade/Subject:: US History, Government, & Economics
Years of Experience: 16

The vastness of the history of humanity is only surpassed by its interconnectedness to our lives; one of the reasons I chose to become a teacher is so that I could guide others to a clearer understanding of the world around them and how every aspect of their community has its roots in some larger narrative. If we are to thrive as a people, we must acknowledge our past, recognize its effect on our present, and make educated decisions about how we wish to shape our future. As a teacher, I have the privilege to encourage new generations of citizens to not only challenge their own mindset but to appreciate and learn from the perspectives of those who have come before them.

How can I narrow down what I love about teaching to just one thing? As an educator, my favorite aspect of teaching is witnessing the miniature epiphanies that ignite in the minds of my students when they make a connection that hadn’t been there before. My favorite part of being a teacher, though, is being invited to become a part of a young person’s life, to mentor and to encourage that person to always grow and learn, even once they have graduated.

When I’m not teaching, I love to write and have authored a few novels in my spare time. I also enjoy being with my family and watching my own three children grow. There is never a dull moment being a dad!

If I could have a superpower, it would be the ability to pause time, for as I grow older and wiser, I understand with greater clarity just how special some moments of our lives can be…if only I was able to live in those moments for a little bit longer. Of all the powers in the world, extending those precious memories would mean more to me than any other ability or strength that I could imagine.

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