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Kari Cornett

Kari Cornett

Organization: Teach for America Appalachia
Position: Manager of External Affairs
Years of Experience: 6 as an Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics teacher at Betsy Layne High School, 2 at TFA

I became a teacher because I was lucky to have so many teachers to support and inspire me throughout my educational career. From Bridget Baker as my kindergarten teacher, to Dr. Armando Prats as my English professor in college, I have always admired teachers and the ability they have to impact students’ lives in a way that not many people and professions have the power to do. Their support and encouragement over the years inspired me to try to become a similar source of consistent support and love for my own students.

My favorite thing about being a teacher was making connections with my students, both in and out of the classroom. As a science teacher, I got to see the wonder and joy on students’ faces when an experiment worked or a concept finally “clicked” for them, and loved supporting them through their successes and failures throughout the journey of discovery. After school, I coached and sponsored a variety of clubs and teams, which meant that I got to know many of my students on a deeper level, and truly loved hearing more about their passions and interests in a way that might not have happened as organically as in the classroom.

When I’m not working to support teachers in Eastern Kentucky, I love to travel with my husband, learn new things, read, and knit. I also enjoy listening to podcasts, especially about true crime and conspiracy theories!

If I could have a superpower, I would want to be able to fly. I love to travel, so I would love the ability to fly anywhere, anytime, to experience more of the world.

Follow Kari on Twitter: @CornettScience.