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Lisa Hanson

LIsa Hanson

School: Garth Elementary, Scott County
Grade/Subject:: 5th Grade
Years of Experience: 21

Lisa is a National Board Certified Teacher!

My fourth-grade teacher inspired me to pursue teaching. She graduated from Purdue University, which my father attended and where I ultimately graduated from. I remember her having a “bubbly” personality, but she was also very intelligent. She knew her stuff and she made it look FUN! From that point forward, I knew I wanted to enjoy the same experiences. I also knew that teaching would give me an avenue to bring all my talents — using computers, singing, dancing, and humor — together.

My favorite thing about being a teacher is that not only are we developing the minds of young students, but we are also constant learners ourselves. I am always learning new things such as computer programs, teaching strategies, and ways to handle data. Ultimately, being a teacher-learner can help make our students more capable and brighter individuals.

Two of my favorite things to do when I’m not teaching is walking (while listening to music) and singing. Walking allows me time to decompress and calm myself from the daily stresses of life. Singing has been a strong passion of mine since elementary school and is the only “instrument” that I’ve stuck with most of my life.

If I could have a superpower, then it would be the ability to make anything vanish when the time is needed. Whether that be little things like making an expense bill vanish, or bigger things like cancer and other serious illnesses.

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