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Nikki Sims

Nikki Sims

School: Seven Hills Preschool, Owensboro Public Schools
Grade/Subject: Preschool/Special Education
Years of Experience: 11

I chose to teach because I love leading and I love children! In college I decided to work at an after school program because the hours were short and all my friends worked there. I never imagined that I would fall in love with the children and the profession.

My favorite thing about teaching is the relationships I can build with the students and their families. I love interacting and helping students and families feel comfortable in their first year of school. We are really the first educational experience these students have and I love watching them all grow into little students.

When I’m not teaching, I love to exercise and spend time with my family. Its so important to take care of yourself and I like to devote an hour each day to working on me!

If I could have a superpower, I would love to be able to see the future. This would come in very handy at school for predicting fire drills, knowing ahead of time which lessons will flop and which will be huge successes, and for situations like what we experienced in March with COVID.

Follow Nikki on Twitter: @NikkiSi59425575