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Stacey Treece

Stacey Treece

School: Concord Elementary, McCracken County
Grade/Subject: School Counselor
Years of Experience: 12

My passion and goal since high school has been to work with children. This led me to teaching so that I could work with a wide variety of kids and make the biggest impact possible.

The absolutely best thing about being a teacher is the small, inconsequential moments that most would overlook. The conversations with kids, the times you see a kid use a skill you’ve been practicing with them and they do so without thought or prompting. The smiles and hugs they give because they know you are always on their team no matter what. That is the magic of teaching.

Hands down my favorite thing outside of teaching is traveling. Seeing the world and learning more about other cultures constantly expands my horizons. Whether we are traveling to the next county or across the world, there is just nothing like getting outside my comfort zone and exploring.

If I could have a superpower, I would chose to teleport. Since I love to travel this would come in very handy letting me get from one place to the other in an instant.

Follow Stacey on Twitter: @stacey_treece.