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Susan Hellard

Susan Hellard

School: Elkhorn Middle School, Franklin County
Grade/Subject: Reading and Writing
Years of Experience: 17

Susan is a National Board Certified Teacher!

My story is probably different than most. I was not a fan of school. Had it not been for my diligent and dedicated parents, my outcome would be quite different. I was adopted at birth and had I not been in a loving and supportive home, I would not have the privilege of helping students find their way, as I do today. Needless to say, when I decided to become a teacher everyone, who knew me as a child, was shocked. My reasoning behind the decision to become a teacher was quite simple. I wondered what happened to kids who did not have parents like mine. As I grew up, I realized what happened to most kids have parents that do not value education, do not give them love and support, and fail to be the role model that kids need. I needed and had a desire to be the person who fought for kids, believed in kids, and pushed kids to always be their very best, just as my parents did for me. I get to love that every single day, and can only hope I make a difference in their lives.

My favorite aspect of teaching has to be seeing my students grow and change as thinkers and as human beings. I fill with pride when former students succeed in whatever they want to accomplish. I hope they learn from me that there is no failure, only a learning opportunity on the path to success.

When I am not teaching, I am coaching volleyball at our high school. Interacting with the students in this capacity is a wonderful way to build relationships and community. When we are not in season, my husband and I enjoy paddling boarding, taking our dog for hikes, completing DIY projects, and I love riding my horse and throwing clay at our local pottery shop.

If I could have one superpower it would be teleportation. I would enjoy being able to move freely from place to place with quickness and speed. If I did not have to travel like a human, I could accomplish many more things in a day!

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