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Briana Cook

Briana Cook Newport Independent

Where do you teach? Newport High School, Newport Independent

What subject(s)/grade(s) do you teach? 8th grade Math

How many years have you taught? 8 years

Why did you become a teacher? I can’t exactly say I grew up always wanting to be a teacher. In my senior year of high school, I took a class where I got to go to our feeder middle school and be a peer tutor. While working in that class I was inspired by the joy that comes from seeing the actual moment a skill clicks for a student. It’s magic. I always had a passion for math and science and that passion included getting more girls involved in STEM. Education allowed me to combine all my passions, inspire the next generation, and make a difference in this world.

What has been the best part of teaching that you didn’t expect when entering the profession? The best part of teaching has been the relationships I’ve been able to build with not only my students but also my coworkers. My colleagues have become an extension of my family and are some of my biggest cheerleaders.

What is one thing you wish non-teachers knew about what you do? I wish non-teachers knew the number of different hats I wear throughout the day and the pressure that comes with always having to be “on”.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as a teacher? I’m really proud of the relationships I have built with students over the years. Nothing brings me more joy than the former students I have that still reach out to this day or even visit.

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t teaching? When I’m not teaching you can find me watching reality tv, scrolling through TikTok, or planning my next Disney trip!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? My superpower would teleportation. I would love the have the ability to just end up in another location at a moment’s notice. The possibilities are endless!

Social media handles: Twitter: @CooksQuarks

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