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Mary Dotson

Mary Dotson Floyd County

Where do you teach? South Floyd Elementary, Floyd County Schools

What subject(s)/grade(s) do you teach? 3rd-5th grade Interventionist

How many years have you taught? 8 years

Why did you become a teacher? I became a teacher because a teacher changed my life. I feel that every child deserves a champion in their corner. Teachers get the opportunity to make a lifelong impact on a child’s life. We get to change the future one classroom at a time.

What has been the best part of teaching that you didn’t expect when entering the profession?  The best part of teaching that I didn’t expect when entering the profession is the student relationships. They are my why. My students become a part of my life from the time they enter my classroom and that relationship last forever. Once they are my student, they are my student forever.

What is one thing you wish non-teachers knew about what you do? I wish non-teachers knew that our jobs are not only 8:00-3:00 Monday- Friday. This quote sums it up. “The best part of teaching is that our jobs matter. The hardest part of teaching is that our job matters every single day.”

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as a teacher?  My greatest accomplishment as a teacher is I know, without one hesitation, every student I have encountered knows that I am in their corner.

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t teaching? I love spending time with my daughter Ella and my husband Ryan. I love swimming, reading, and shopping.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?  If I could have a superpower it would be to make people better humans. I would love to be able to make people kinder. Wouldn’t the world be such a better place?

Social media handles: @maryw_2007 (Twitter)

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